Crocodile Farm

Crocodiles Philippines Palawan

Crocodiles Philippines Palawan Puerto Princesa

Crocodiles Philippines Palawan – Puerto Princesa (gallery).
Philippines tourist attractions – not only beautiful beaches 🙂

Krokodyle Filipiny Palawan – Puerto Princesa (galeria zdjęć).
Atrakcje turystyczne Filipin – nie tylko piękne plaże 🙂

My best friend from the Philippines hehehe 🙂
Crocodile length: 15,9 feet.
Długość krokodyla: 484 centymetrów (prawie 5 metrów).
Entrance to the Crocodile Farm ( Palawan / Philippines )
Wejście na farmę krokodyli ( Palawan / Filipiny )

Palawan BearCat

Palawan BearCat Puerto Princesa (gallery).
Palawan BearCat Filipin Palawan (galeria zdjęć).

Next to Crocodile Farm is first place where You can see “Palawan BearCat”. If he sleeps in his home or will be busy – don’t worry, near Crocodile Farm is second place where You can see Palawan BearCat, even if he is sleeping. You will visit each of these places with your group, if You participate to “1 day tour in Puerto Princesa”.
Sleep well Palawan BearCat 🙂 These animals sleep most of the time…
He looks like he would say:
“- Where is my Saturday? I drank a whole bottle of ‘el Hombre’ tequila for the last time.”

Other Animals in Palawan

Other Animals in Palawan (Philippines):
– Peacock’s (Pawie),
– Butterflies (Motyle),
– Scorpions (Skorpiony).

Philippines travel:

  1. Come back to Puerto Princesa port and try live food:
Atrakcje turystyczne Filipin – coś innego niż piękne plaże.

2. Go 6 hours to one of the best beaches in the Philippines (El Nido):

Atrakcje turystyczne Filipin – piękne plaże i multikolorowa woda.

Next travel to the Philippines:
25 March 2020

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